What is PredictLegal?

Built on Power BI & Azure, PredictLegal provides a law firm dynamic exposure to information about themselves, that they were unaware they knew.

Whether matter or client-centric, regardless of the platform (desktop, tablet or mobile phone), the visuals are vibrant, bringing to life many different types of information. Dashboards for the four (4) major functional areas have been created with duties and responsibilities of each group in mind.

Why is Predict Legal different from other Legal BI Systems?

PredictLegal is available not only on a desktop but can be viewed on a tablet or cell phone.

Users can also create their own dashboards based upon the security role they occupy and the reports they can access. Additionally, they can add to or delete from an existing dashboard they have created for themselves.

Multiple reports are included in PredictLegal that encompass the full range of legal data, your data that we integrate into our custom, prebuilt for law, data warehouse for instantaneous report generation

Using any of the 45 Power BI's prebuilt connectors allows for a fast deployment cycle in the Azure cloud.


The Future