Power Apps

Solve important business problems quickly with PowerApps without the expense of a normal IT project.

With the variety of business application being used in organization today such as Excel, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and more, connecting to them automatically will provides exceptional capabilities.

  • VNB will assist in turning your business expertise into solutions with ease to provide people what they need to drive results.
  • Quickly build apps with data you already have, on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Consume data in real time from many data sources, instantly analyze the data to make rapid data driven decisions.

Common Data Model

Use Microsoft’s Common Data Model (CDM) which provides a secure business database, composed of well-formed standard business entities, that can be deployed by your organization, that is encrypted at rest, using the best of Azure technologies such as Service Fabric and elastic SQL

Using CDM your organization can analyze a unified view of data to figure out the right actions and empower employees to maximize results which will lend itself to a sustainable competitive advantage for the organization.

  • Using CDM, VNB will help enable your organizations connect business data from applications with information residing in Office 365 productivity platform.

  • We’ll assist in customizing the CDM to fit your organizational needs and getting you running in the cloud,to bringin the advantage of applications accessing data to run on both desktops and mobiles.


Automate Your Business Processes

Turn your repetitive tasks into multistep workflows with a few clicks.

Microsoft Flow has many templates in each of six categories available to help solve a majority of business needs.

Rapid Integration Workflow Development – As a leader in building integration solutions VNB team has the expertise to help you build automated workflows between your SaaS applications or for Hybrid scenarios in quick time.

VNB Time Tracker App Video.

See our featured PowerApp (Time Tracker) that incorporates Microsoft Flow for notifications of timesheet approvals or rejections.

Our new Time Tracker PowerApp released!!

VNB Time Tracker is a fully functioning, project based, Office 365 integrated, time entry control system, that incorporates Microsoft Flow communication, using an application driven hierarchical structure.

●    Administration functions (Project Maintenance)

●    Timesheet Entry (Timesheet Entry & Approvals)

What makes Time Tracker unique is the Code/Decode structure & User Role Mappings tie projects, timesheets and users together for easy communication using MS Flow.