Good reasons for moving to the
Azure Cloud

  • Faster Time to Market

    Azure gives organizations the ability to quickly spin up virtual instances and deploy applications in a matter of minutes.
  • Scalability

    Azure’s elastic capacity provides the flexibility and agility to scale as needed.
  • Reduced IT Costs

    By moving to Azure, organizations can reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining IT systems.
  • Increased Productivity

    Iterate faster with hyper-scale computing

Azure Strategy

Migrating, managing applications or integrating with applications in the Cloud, have some complex and challenging needs that require careful planning to ensure successful deployment. Key questions that need to be answered include:

  • What should move to Cloud – infrastructure (IAAS), Platform (PAAS), or just applications (SAAS)?
  • What future applications will be candidates for developing in Cloud versus integrating with Cloud from on-premise?
  • How prepared is the IT department to handle this change?

Many questions need to be considered prior to embarking on a Cloud strategy. As a premier Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, VNB team has the credentials to help you put together an Azure Strategy for your entire organization.

Azure Migration & Deployments (IaaS)

Azure supports a multitude of products, not just Microsoft (Windows, Dynamics, BizTalk, SharePoint and SQL Server) but also supports Linux, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Mongo DB and many more. With Azure, you can:

  • Deploy a wide range of computing solutions in an Agile way.
  • Deploy a virtual machine nearly instantly with pay by the minute pricing.
  • Deploy any workload and any language on nearly any operating system.
  • Scale from 1 to thousands of virtual machine instances and benefit from built-in virtual networking & load balancing.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced Azure subject matter experts, use a proven methodology and framework to help simplify and streamline the process of Azure Migration & Deployments. This produces maximum return on investment, ensures low cost of ownership, enhances agility and scalability.