Big Data Solutions

Build Big Data Solutions using Azure HD Insight a fully managed Apache Hadoop, Spark, R, HBase, and Storm cloud service

Every organization has data sources which are vastly different than traditional applications, those sources are in different varieties such as structured, unstructured & semi-structured with high volume and unknown velocities.

  • VNB implements Azure Big Data platforms to build solutions to support corporate needs, leveraging data from every Internet of Thing (IoT) device, every customer and activity that can distinguish you from your competition.
  • We provide a solid a framework designed to process, analyze, and report on big data with high reliability and availability.
  • We will assist you in deploying and provisioninga big data cluster using Azure HDInsight to get your Big Data initiative running quickly.

Predictive Analytics

Azure Machine Learning is a fully managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that enables you to easily build and integrate predictive analytic solutions.

With massive amounts of data finding actionable intelligence through analysis requires special knowledge and technologies.

  • Our Predictive Analytics team has years of experience helping our customers define strategies based on data analytics and operations.

  • We build Azure Machine Learning (ML)models that leverages massive amount of data and provide usable outputs for functions such as Recommendations, Customer Churn, Forecasting etc. among many other custom scenarios.

  • We offer services to make you legacy applications intelligentby incorporating Azure Machine Learning models exposed as a Rest API.